Communicating Customer Retention Campaigns

Wanting to keep in touch with your existing customer base is the first step to setting up a successful retention campaign. How to communicate with them is one of the questions you need to ask yourself to ensure you putting your resources in the most effective channels.

Based on that decision, many different elements of the campaign will be impacted such as budget, recipients, marketing material and even the incentive itself. So, what are your choices?

The most commonly used communication channel in customer retention is email marketing. A well designed and written newsletter is very effective and can create a real buzz around your brand. It’s also one of the less expensive communication tools as the design costs are rather low in comparison to the amount of people you can communicate to. It’s also easily trackable and adjustable.

An old-time favourite is direct mailing which I suggest should be chosen when communicating a very special incentive to a smaller segment of your client base. Admittingly, it can feel a bit outdated especially when you think of badly printed flyers. I still think though direct mailing should be part of your overall marketing mix as it’s a great tool to reward customers with a very tailor-made approach. The success of direct mailing highly depends on good segmentation that allows you to personalise the offer as much as possible.

Text messaging is another form of communicating retention campaigns. In this case, the offer needs to be very precise and catchy because you need to convince your customer with very little text and no visual support that your incentive is worth coming back for. Usually, I use text campaigns as a follow up.

Another approach of communicating your campaign is by using social media. Talking directly to your clients via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc is a fantastic way of offering personalised incentives. It also gives your clients the chance to provide immediate feedback. Additionally, clients can share your offers and their positive experience with others, instantly. It can be quite time consuming but so worth it.

Calling your customers is another way of retaining them. Marketing calls are very tricky and can sometimes do more harm than good. Therefore, a phone campaign needs to be well thought through and should not only consist of the marketing message but primarily give customers the chance to voice their opinions. If the client feels that the input given matters and is taking into consideration, then the calls will have a positive impact on your brand performance.

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