How To Combine Direct Mailing With Your Email Marketing

With the rise of email marketing, many predicted that direct mailing would become obsolete…just like social media marketing was meant to make email marketing a thing of the past.

As we all know, the opposite is rather true as the different marketing channels and strategies go rather nicely together.

As part of my recent Christmas marketing campaign, I created a mix of email marketing and direct mailing content which made me realise that both channels have quite a few similarities.

Both require a very similar strategic and informed approach to ensure they achieve the best result possible. In combination, they can exhale and provide an even better ROI because communicating the same message on your various communication channels will ensure that your customers are paying attention.

So why should you use direct mailing in combination with your digital marketing tools?

1.     It’s more difficult to ignore!

With one click, your email marketing campaigns can be deleted. This is not the case with a direct mailing campaign. There will be a customer interaction with it. Assuming that the direct mailing campaign is well targeted and designed, your customers will respond.

It’s also proven that when you get something tangible your customer is more likely to remember the brand and that is across generations.

2.     Keep it personal!

Gone are the days of random leaflet drops. Content and design of a direct mailing campaign need to be personalised and have meaning to the recipient.

3.     Pick your time wisely!

Direct mailing will only make the impact you need when the timing is right. Think about when your customer is most likely to buy or in need of your product or service? Or quite simply, when do you want to say thank you or remind them of your existence?

4.     Be unique!

As with everything in marketing, try to be unique. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel but ensure that you put your personal spin on it.

5.     Don’t waffle!

Just like with email, think of KISS – Keep It Short & Simple. You do want your customers to spend time with your mail but for all the wrong reasons. Don’t keep them guessing. Tell them what you want them to do and where. Do they need to go online to use a specific offer? Is it a birthday wish? Whatever it is, include your brand and if you can website link and phone number.

And finally, don’t do direct mailing too often as it will lose its impact and starts to be annoying.

Here are a couple of examples that I had made to send to some of my client's customers.