MailChimp Workshop at the Workbox in Truro with Secret Truro, March 28th

FouldsCRM in partnership with Secret Truro will be running a special MailChimp workshop taking a closer look at how MailChimp has changed from an email marketing platform to a CRM.

If you are starting to use MailChimp and wonder how you can make the most of emailing your customers, this workshop is for you. If you are already using MailChimp but want to integrate it even more into your website, social media and CRM then this workshop is also for you.

The main aim is for you to understand the potential of what MailChimp can do for your business. This includes straight forward email marketing, GDPR compliant sign up forms over to more complex topics such as landing pages, automation processes and direct mailing campaigns. As always, data is key so we will be looking into the importance of segmentations by using groups, segments and tags.

Amanda from Secret Truro will also talk about how to collect personal data legally and stay compliant with Data Protection legislation.

The workshop takes place March 28th from 9.30am until 12pm at the Workbox in Truro. For more details, please follow the link: