Full CRM Clients

FouldsCRM is currently looking after 14 brands assisting them with their customer retention strategies. Work ranges from setting up automation to running their entire CRM. 

At the beginning, we started working with three clients offering them bespoke CRM services. Since FouldsCRM took over the CRM services back in 2016, all three brands have seen a rapid increase in turnover, improved customer retention as well as life-time value and a significant decrease in acquisition cost. 

In January 2018, Chit Chat Bingo won the 2018 BingoPort Player's Choice Award for Best Bingo site, its first ever award in its 10 years of running. In February 2019 and 2020, we were able to win another BingoPort Player's Choice Award for Chit Chat Bingo both timea for best Dragonfish site.

Below you'll find an overview of brands that we are currently working with or have done work for in the past. Simply click on the logo to see examples of the services provided.

All clients receive the following service from FouldsCRM:

  • We develop, budget and execute CRM strategies to maximise the lifetime value of customers.
  • We develop & foster high value customers.
  • We provide tailored marketing strategies for the different markets and their respective CRM executives.
  • We ensure the effectiveness of the different campaigns by optimising, measuring, evaluating and reporting.
  • We manage internal and external resources to ensure that campaigns are executed accurately, effectively and within budget.
  • We conduct market research and liaise with the different departments to create customer profiles.
  • We develop cross-marketing campaigns.
  • We develop and implement complex customer communication campaigns (email, sms & direct mail).
  • We create, supervise and handle online marketing campaigns for various websites as well as supply marketing material for respective campaigns; monitoring and maximising the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • We set up daily, weekly, monthly and VIP promotions for the team and work closely with designers to guarentee high quality design material for email marketing and direct mailing.
  • We working closely together with external partners and executing website efficiency measures

Our CRM services are tailored to the needs of your business as well as the sector and industry you operate in. Whether you're a tourism, e-commerce or in case of our existing clients a gaming company, we can develop and implement CRM automation and strategies which will have a positive impact almost immediately.

Get in touch with us on: christinef@fouldscrm.co.uk or phone: 07880 505 777