Full CRM - MoldyFun

As lockdown was announced in 2020, FouldsCRM was contacted by MoldyFun to help them get ready for an influx of orders. MoldyFun specialises in silicon baking moulds.

Our client has had a Mailchimp account for a few years but never really utilised the system. The main focus was to create procedures and strategies that MoldyFun could use to get the most out of the influx of potential customers.

This meant that we also created better branding when it came to their email marketing HTML mailers as well as establishing a tone of voice that is used across all marketing channels.

FouldsCRM also created a content marketing plan enabling MoldyFun to provide relevant content to their markets in the US, UK and Germany.

Ad-hoc mailers were created and scheduled up to more than a year in advance. New automation flows were introduced which had an immediate positive effect on repeat purchases.

If you want to take a look at MoldyFun, please visit the website:  https://www.moldyfun.com/ .