Full CRM - powermeals

Prior to the launch of powermeals back in July 2020, the team got in touch asking for advice in how to set up their email marketing and respective automation flows.

During our initial chat, it became clear that the project will be more complex than first anticipated as the customer base consists of three language preferences: English, French and German due to the fact that powermeals operates in Switzerland.

Once the list setup allowed us to segment the audience based on languages, the project became more straight forward. FouldsCRM was asked to create automation flows specific to the food subscription model and delivery time frames. These all had to be done in three different languages. 

Now that powermeals has gone live and all automation flows have been created, FouldsCRM continues to assist with Mailchimp queries as well as translating campaigns into German.

If you want to take a look at powermeals, please visit the website:  https://powermeals.ch/.